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Gable Top

Gable Top Machines, Service and Parts

​​T.Q.S Engineering LTD is only one Company in Israel, which can provide  service for Elopak, Galdi, Shikoku Kakoki Japan and Nimco gable top machines.


Our Company providing customers with:

  • Service program

  • Supply most of the parts

  • Installation

  • Programming support

  • Training

  • Sells of new or second hand filling machines

T.Q.S has a collaboration with Service companies around the world  and providing Service, Parts and Trainings.



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Blanks and Caps Service


T.Q.S Engineering LTD is providing service for blank and cap producers in Israel and around the World.


Our Company providing following services:

  • Problems resolving on the machines related to blanks and caps

  • Adjustments for blank and caps on the machine

  • Testing old or new production

  • Blanks and caps Analysis 

Ducart Evergreen Packaging LTD: Collaboration within Israel territory

​Adam Pack: Worldwide for blanks and caps

​Svalinn Cap System: Israel and Worldwide


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